Newbie 158cm Xiuyan unboxing

Out of the box, it is no longer the same

But I have to exaggerate the delivery. The brother is too powerful. How long will it take for me to call him? He said it’s nearby and half an hour. I will be ready for him to call me and I will go downstairs with my buddies. Move up
Unexpectedly, lying down, knocked directly on the door, and they carried me directly to the doorstep. There is no elevator on the sixth floor of my house. He said that this thing is so heavy, I said it was sheet furniture, thank you very much
After the elder brother left, I directly moved the box to the body scale and weighed it. 41.1 kg, I will worship the express elder brother again.

Take a shower and apply powder to change clothes, hands and waist are worn out, and your tongue is typing. . .